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Manufacturer :
Release U.S : Sept 1995
Discontinued : Mar 2006
Units sold : 102.49 million
Media : CD-ROM (black CD)
CPU : R3051 @ 33.8688 MHz
Storage  : Memory card
Predecessor : NA
Successor : Playstation 2

Dpad : Cursor keys
Full Screen : Alt + Enter

Select = R.Shift | Start = Ent
L1 = L.Shift | L2 = L.Ctrl
R1 = R.Shift | R2 = R.Ctrl

Triangle = A | Square = X
Cross = Z | Circle = S

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Game Info
Die Hard Trilogy is a video game based on the first three installments of the Die Hard series of action movies. Die Hard Trilogy features three games in one, each based on a movie installment and featuring a different genre and game play style respectively. The game was well received and would eventually become a Sony Greatest Hits game. The disc has audio tracks that can be played on a stand-alone CD player. Die Hard Trilogy also inspired a sequel entitled Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas. The sequel retained the three different playing styles, but featured a spin-off storyline that was not connected to the movie series.


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